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The Process – Finding Qatari Records in Panama

Posted: December 10th, 2018

Our last post revealed that three Panama-based firms with ties to Qatar’s Al Thani royal family had been named in a letter sent by the Intendance for Supervision and Regulation of Non-Financial Subjects, a Panamanian governmental entity responsible for supervising and regulating non-financial obligors. Its mandate concerns the prevention of money laundering, financing of terrorism, and financing of weapons of mass destruction.

The original Intendance letter announcing sanction proceedings for alleged breaches of Panamanian law is available for download in original Spanish and in an English translation.

But would like to walk our readers through the process of acquiring publicly available data from the Panama corporate registry.

You can see for yourself by visiting the registry at Registration is required but it is free of charge. You can proceed to the default search page depicted below, where you will click the button that says “Información Registral”.

screenshot of the default search page with arrow pointing to “Información Registral” button at lower-left

In the field “Nombre del Presentante” type the search term “Yalis” as in Yalis S.A.

screenshot of the “Información Registral” search page with arrows pointing to the “Nombre del Presentante” field where 'YALIS' has been entered and to the “Buscar” button which submits the search request

You will go to a page with several results based on your search. Select the result bearing the number 99441/2017, a public announcement pertaining to a series of Panamanian companies including Knibos Consulting S.A., Notart Consulting S.A., and Yalis S.A. Click on the magnifying glass icon to select the result.

screenshot of the results screen highlighting the record

Now you can download the Intendance letter for yourself by selecting the PDF document called “DOCUMENTO ESCANEADO EN LA ENTRADA - 99441/2017 (0)”.

screenshot of the record description screen showing where to download the PDF record

Our next post looks at a major project underway between the governments of Panama and Qatar.