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Douglas Emmett Tenants Indoor Air Quality Survey

This Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) survey is based on an existing questionnaire produced by the University of California San Marcos.

Please take a few minutes to fill out this form, and get your co-workers to fill it out as well. Responses to the questions should be based on personal experiences only, without interferences or suggestive information from others. Your responses are completely confidential. No one will be identified in the results.

Asterisks* indicate required fields.

This section is used to assess Indoor Air Quality related complaints and concerns. IAQ problems can include one or more of the following: temperature control, ventilation, moisture, and air pollutants. Occupant concerns, complaints, observations, and comments are often a vital source of information leading to the solution of an IAQ issue.

Please use the space provided below to describe as accurately as possible the nature of your complaint or concern and feel free to include what your thoughts are on the cause of the problem using as much space as needed.*

If time allows, please complete the remainder of this questionnaire to provide a better assessment of your work and/or living Environment, or click here to jump ahead and submit now.

1. How long have you been a tenant here?

2. Have you or your business recently moved here from another location?

3. Are you aware of other people with similar concerns or complaints?


1. Do you Smoke cigarettes?

2. Does cigarette smoke bother you?

3. Do you wear contact lenses?

4. What kind of symptoms or discomforts are you experiencing? Are you experiencing any of the following? Check all that apply if any.

Check all that apply, if any.

5. Select all of the following symptoms, if any, that you may feel are related to your working or living conditions at your building.

Check all that apply, if any.





2. Has there been a change in symptoms and patterns?

If yes, please explain:

3. Do your symptoms continue after you leave the building?

If yes, for how long?

4. Do you have allergies?

If yes, please explain:

5. Have you seen a doctor?

If yes, what was the diagnosis and was medication prescribed?

6. When do the symptoms occur?


Thank you for your participation!