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Building Directory Entry: Cornerstone Plaza

Building Details

Photo of Building

Property Address: 1990 S Bundy Dr

Rentable Building Area (CoStar): 174,000 sq ft

Number of Stories (CoStar): 8

Year Built (CoStar): 1986

Property Manager Name: Blanca Figueroa

Property Manager Phone: (310) 826-8344

Property Manager Email:

Lending/Financing by Owner:


WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A UCC #20134998200 (Original)


WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A UCC #20134997657 (Original)


WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A UCC #20134997673 (Original)


WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A UCC #20134999174 (Original)

Online building data: L.A. Dept. of Building and Safety Online Parcel Profile Report (1999 S Bundy)

Building permit data: L.A. Dept. of Building and Safety Online Building Records

Recent Filings:
1     Electrical PermitElectrical8/4/2017
2     Electrical PermitElectrical 8/4/2017
3     Electrical PermitElectrical 7/28/2017
4     Electrical PermitElectrical7/23/2017
5     Electrical PermitElectrical7/13/2017
6     Electrical PermitElectrical 7/13/2017
7     Mechanical PermitFire Sprinkler6/23/2017
8     Mechanical PermitFire Sprinkler6/23/2017
9     Mechanical PermitPlumbing6/15/2017
10     Mechanical PermitHVAC6/15/2017
11     Mechanical PermitPlumbing6/15/2017
12     Mechanical PermitHVAC6/15/2017
13     Mechanical PermitFire Sprinkler6/12/2017
14     Mechanical PermitFire Sprinkler6/12/2017
15     Mechanical PermitHVAC6/8/2017
16     Mechanical PermitHVAC6/8/2017
17     Building PermitBldg-Alter/Repair5/22/2017
18     Building PermitBldg-Alter/Repair5/22/2017
19     Mechanical PermitFire Sprinkler5/9/2017
20     Mechanical PermitFire Sprinkler5/9/2017

Tenant Leases:

Prop 65: Warning Sign Present

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